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    Our mission at Profile Pharma is not only to deliver medicines where needed, but
    we have also adopted the policy of providing best assistance to our customers
    and maintaining their satisfaction. We want to be known and recognized worldwide
    for outstanding services and continuous support to our customers.

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Quality assurance and Quality control

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Department is responsible for continuous evaluation and approval of both the manufacturers and the specific products of each manufacturer. The approval of manufacturers is based on detailed review of the relevant documentation combined with site inspections by our responsible pharmacist. The approval of products is based on a detailed review of a full product dossier, while the actual release of each batch is based on physical appearance of the product and packaging, certificate of analysis supported by an extra product analysis if required. The process of quality control / Quality Assurance is supervised by our pharmacists.


ProlifePharma has built up close relationships with several leading European suppliers All our suppliers must comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, and must provide us with a Manufacturing License as well as an extensive Site Master File, a detailed QA questionnaire and in general are inspected by our pharmacist before they will be approved. All manufacturer files and specific product files are kept up to date by our Quality Assurance Department.


Our Quality Assurance Department also maintains detailed files on all products sold by prolife Pharma

These product files hold the following pharmaceutical information:

  • specific ProlifePharma Product Questionnaire
  • CPP (Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product) or FSC (Free Sales Certificate)
  • Composition
  • Stability data
  • Example of label
  • Leaflet
  • Certificate of Analysis (example)
  • A copy of relevant product information from these product files can be sent to you on request.

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